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Vatech EzRay Air (Model: VEX-P300)

  • £4,19880

EzRay Air, the lightest portable intraoral X-ray system from VATECH,
satisfies all primary dental diagnostic needs by creating stable and clear images at all times. As a Dental Pioneer, we will continue to develop advanced products.

It all starts with Weight Innovation
A light portable intraoral X-ray creates a stable condition for positioning the device. The ease of device positioning produces clear images without any motion artifact. Handling a lightweight device is very convenient as it reduces the time taken to process a full mouth series. It also produces faster workflow and less stress for your staff.

Double scatter shield in One

Internal Shielding which makes the unit 100% safe for operators. The internal radiation shielding is perfectly designed to protect the operator from radiation leakage. External backscatter shielding scatter radiation results from the beam interacting with the surface of the patient, causing radiation to bounce off as residuals scatter in different directions. The backscatter shield significantly reduces the operator’s radiation dose.

Save valuable time with Smart Positioning

The smart positioning makes preparation simple. There are default exposure settings for the angle of each tooth. Operators only need to set the guideline following an occlusal plane or a frankfurt line as the angle and the tooth are automatically detected. The exposure time is also automatically adjusted with the aid of smart positioning.

One dial for all functions

With EzRay Air, there is no need to remember and press numerous buttons for each setting. The Smart Dial has all the settings in one dial, reducing the preparation time and creating a simpler and faster work flow. The Smart Positioning function also provides optional tooth mode settings and scan time settings.


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