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LAST FEW REMAINING: Exclusive to Carestream Shop: CS1500 WiFi Wireless Intra Oral Camera

  • £3,59880

With true autofocus Like the human eye, the camera’s patented liquid lens technology* automatically focuses according to the distance between the camera and the filmed object—no manual adjustments required. The result: effortless image capture and clear, detailed images every time.

Best-in-class resolution and focus range From full arch to macro views, the CS 1500 camera delivers the industry’s highest resolution for still images (1024 x 768). Boasting the widest focus range on the market (1mm to infinity), the camera offers the large depth-of-view required to capture both intra- and extraoral images. And thanks to the camera’s advanced sensor and lens, practitioners can easily view minute details such as cracks, caries, lesions and tooth surfaces.

Optimized, auto-adjustable lighting system Featuring an 8-LED lighting system, the CS 1500 camera delivers consistent and powerful illumination. Intuitively adjusting to your current lighting conditions, the camera’s true white LED bulbs provide optimally illuminated images in any environment.

Wireless freedom Available in both wireless and wired versions, the CS 1500 camera’s wireless configuration features state- of-the-art Wi-Fi technology to ensure the most flexible and mobile solutions for your imaging needs. Offering faster transmission times, more stability, and less noise than analog wireless devices, the CS 1500 camera provides maximum reliability, while delivering the same image quality as the traditional wired version.

One-button simplicity Along with the autofocus feature, our ergonomically designed image capture button makes capturing clear, detailed images easy for all members of your team. Comfortable for both left and right-handed users, the one-button design also eliminates the need for a foot pedal to further improve the workflow and safety conditions of any practice.

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