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Ekler Elio Microscope Light

  • £7,18800

A new generation microscope

ELIO HDM is the result of a rigorous approach, which aims to bring you the best solution for the acts requiring high magnification. The result will delight even the most skeptical. A new generation microscope with incomparable performance is born. Integrated into the surgical lighting, this new microscope cover more than one asset. With a X 60 zoom , it is able to detect the smallest detail in the structure of the tooth and the soft tissues. Replacing your traditional surgical lighting, ELIO HDM frees your workspace away from bulky devices.

With a Full HD camera whose features are very advanced and with an optical particularly well studied, ELIO HDM reached unexpected performance (surprising). Its 60 X zoom allows you to inspect every detail. The great depth of field ensures sharpness whatever looks your work area. ELIO HDM is equipped with an autofocus which avoids you any manual adjustments.

No Need to adjust the aperture, The operator effectively focuses on the surgical act and ELIO HDM does the rest. All areas of the mouth are accessible either directly or through the vision dental mirror. The exceptional image accuracy opens new fields of application. ELIO HDM can be used both for daily practice as well as for acts of restorative dentistry, periodontics. It is particularly useful for the production of prosthetic acts. 

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