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CS 6200 Digital Intra Oral Sensor Size 2 Bitewing

  • £7,67880

The RVG 6200 Digital Radiography System is the ideal solution for any oral healthcare professional. Featuring a lightning-fast USB 2.0 connection, the sensor produces crystal-clear images in a snap—giving you instant access to the highest quality intraoral images in the industry.
Thanks to rigorous design and testing all RVG sensors provide maximum durability and flexibility. Completely waterproof, RVG sensors can be safely submerged in disinfectant. The shock-resistant cases and silicon padding offers protection from falls, bites, and other damage.
In addition, a lead barrier helps prevent damage due to repeated high exposure—ensuring a long lifespan with an attractive return of investment.

Greater than 20 lp/mm USB 2 - high speed RVG sensor technology with optical
fibre General-purpose sensor All-purpose sensor providing the best
compromise between ease of use and active area.

  • Outside dimensions: 27.5 x 37.7 mm
  • Dimensions of active area:22 x 30 mm
  • Matrix dimension:1200 x 1600


Sensor durability is so important to Carestream Dental that we have a lab dedicated to analysing the robustness of the RVG sensors. Testing ensures they meet strict design standards for durability, cord flexibility, and submergibility. Each sensor is also tested during every stage of the manufacturing process to ensure they meet our quality and imaging performance standards. In addition to its exceptional image resolution, the RVG 6200 System is also one of the fastest digital imaging sensor on the market—displaying images in less than two seconds. 

The 360 Visualise price includes:

  • Remote installation. 
  • Online support & software updates for the duration of the warranty
  • Full 2 year warranty

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